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Aspects of a spiritual human. 

Over the Easter holiday I found myself looking to the spiritual side of life. I reread the story of Passover and looked at the fact of religion in the Human experience. I really am having a hard time believing in organized religion. I look at the fact that we are all just humans, and no one of us is any more spiritually advanced than another. I am looking at the spirit as the untouchable, unbreakable element that makes us alive or sentient. It is a matter of belief, but it does not revolve around the belief in what another human has explained to us, more of an understanding of what I have experienced.  In that respect I do have a belief, I believe that as creatures, there is a component to our sentience that is not physical, and is not capable of being damaged by physical means.

It is distinctly separate from our physical bodies, yet tied to it critically. That is the way I look at the Spirit of a Human, I have read many books, and looked into the mystery schools of the ancients, examined the beliefs of many religions, even the new age movement, and what I have found is that Spiritually the human race is in its infancy. I am by no means a great thinker or a devoutly religious person, but I do believe in helping others, and by acts of goodness, we are capable of helping the world and the beings in it. What does this have to do with the natural human project? Well as humans we do have a spirit, think of the Human body as a great machine that houses a piece of the spirit, or allows us to interface with the physical world, without that spiritual connection, the human body is an uninhabited machine, and by natural law, without the spirit the body cannot live.

I am not saying that you should join a cult or follow a specific organized religion, or even believe in something that you cannot see, hear, touch or smell. What I am saying is that you need to take a deeper look at what makes you alive, and what makes you Human. It is not this body that houses us, it has to do more with the spirit that animates the body you are in. Once you begin to look at the spirit of Humans, you will find that there is more to us than just the strength of our bodies or the speed of our minds. There are ways to strengthen your spirit just like there are ways to strengthen your body or mind. A lot of us do them already without even knowing it.

Yoga is a good start. You do not have to believe in the religious elements of the activities, but you should realize that many of the physical / spiritual elements of yoga are known in many of the early religions. Chakras or the Chi centers are what people commonly refer to in respects to the physical, mental and Spiritual elements of Humanity. This concept, points of energy or pools of energy in the human body, to me, are like the engine mounts of a car that hold the engine to the frame. In this case they are holding the spirit to the body. We can strengthen these mounts / connections through specific activities and exercises.

Why would you want to strengthen these spiritual aspects of yourself? Well, this is one of the things that make you Human. The understanding, that you are part of something bigger than this physical world. I did not use the work belief I used understanding, and the reason I choose that word is because belief is blind whereas understanding is the intellectual grasping of a concept.  That is what is important in a human, that you think for yourself, and make decisions for yourself. Laws are only an expression of a group of peoples thoughts and should not override your own individual thoughts, only you know what is right for you regardless of what a group thinks. That is the difference between understanding and group belief.


In closing I would like to state that your beliefs are not what strengthen your spirituality. They can help develop them, but your thoughtful insight into the belief is what allows you to grow these connection to the unseen spiritual world that exists in a untouchable realm. You can say that organized religion is a farce or you can say there is no truth except through ….{ Insert Spiritual Name of leader. } It is your individual consideration of the actions and words of these mythical or real beliefs that allow you to grow as a human being. And Growth or Evolution of the human being in all aspects (Physically, Nutritionally, Mentally, and Spiritually) is what this web site is all about.

Thank you for reading this comments are welcome.