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                I have been exercising steadily for about 6 months now, and my wife and I have changed our eating habits to a healthier life style. As you can tell from some of my previous posts, we have tried to stay away from GMOs, and have been more successful at it with the aid and willpower to stick with it. We have a garden of our own foods, though the pesky ground hogs have made it difficult to succeed, we shop at the farmers market more often, and we have cut out processed sugars from our diets… as much as we can.

                The problems of what foods to buy and the need to verify that they have no GMOs still exist, and it does add time to our shopping. But it’s worth it. Honestly I have seen a great increase in the fresh healthy foods my family eats, and the level of energy we have is greater. With that has come a need to expel this energy in a healthy way. We have been bike riding and doing other outdoor activities more often than we used to. I was outside practicing hand stands with my youngest son for over an hour just this past Saturday.  Most of these activities we would not have done in the past.

                I find myself exercising more than 3 times a week, and often I exercise before bed after having been to the Gym already that day. More often than not it’s just alight bike ride, but I would not have done this before either. I would have said “No, I already exercised today. I don’t need to” It is just now I find I enjoy it. 

                I find that I look for new exercises to add to the regimen that I practice now. I only do Body weight exercises,  or calisthenics, but there are so many different exercises, that do not require weight that its easy to mix up my routine, and get the muscle confusion that everyone talks about. That’s the other thing, in my search for new exercises to try. I read more about health and exercise. This tends to keep me in a mind frame of health and activity.  

                So when people say that it is a life style change, they are correct, but it is also a mental change in how you look at life and the time you have available. It can be hard to stay with it. I have to admit that Chocolate and I have a secret love affair, and I have a very hard time not over indulging in it. I use the tools that are available to me the web site is a big help. Being able to see the calories you take in and the types of food you eat is very helpful in keeping you mindful of what you should and should not consume.

                The Willpower to stay on the path of health is the one thing that we all need to stay on top of. I look at will power like a gas tank of a car. I need to fill up the willpower tank as often as I can. I do this in lots of good ways, I like to replace cravings for foods, like chocolate with two things, either a fruit or just time. If I can hold out from eating chocolate for over an hour when I have a craving, I will eat a tiny piece, and it’s a small victory for me. Or If I need that instant gratification of the chocolate rush, I replace it with Grapes or Cherries. Most of the time this will get me past eating a whole bar or Tolberone in one sitting.

                I also refill the tank by looking at my progress in the mirror. I am used to having love handles, and a somewhat puffy stomach. I have found that over time my lifestyle changes have led to a flatter tummy, bigger biceps, and less love handles. When I feel the effects of a loss of willpower, I just lift my shirt and look in the mirror. What I see there is not skinny or fat, it’s healthy, and I know I have fought hard to get even these small changes from my body, and I just don’t want to lose them.  This will usually refill the tank of willpower enough to make me carry on with my practices.

                I read all the time about how to do things to make yourself more healthy and I just think its important to remember Why you do these things.


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So my last post I wrote an article about the dangers of GMO foods (Genetically Modified Organisms) . The last line of the Article was “If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. And this is absolutely not something to fall for. Do not Eat GMOs. Find ways to know what is actually in your food.”

I’d like to focus on ways to know what is actually in your food. The best way is grow your own food from Heirloom Seeds. This is a great company to get real uncorrupted seeds from  All the seeds in my Garden this year came from them. There are no GMO in these. If you cannot provide enough food for yourself from growing it then the next step is to find a local source. Most folks just go to the Grocery store and get whatever is there.  This is a sure way to get GMO products in your diet.

Going to a health food store like whole foods is not a safe bet either, they knowingly sold products with GMOs in them if the stores that you think are supposed to be safe to buy from, and many pay more at these stores thinking they are safer food suppliers, where do you go. Well Farmers Markets are a good place, but you can’t just pick any old veggies and bet they are non-GMO. You have to speak with the folks selling them.  When I go to the farmers market, I always ask where the food comes from. If it’s from the west coast I generally will not buy it. The west coast of America is in a direct line of the nuclear waste rushing from the Fukishima Disaster. That’s just me but if you look at the jet stream and how the oceans flow you see that everything in Japan flows East to California, so I generally will not buy from west coast vendors. I also do not purchase products grown in Mexico, the laws in Mexico do not protect the produce from there, and many pesticides that are no longer allowed to be used in the United States are currently used in Mexico.

I usually look for the local farms that have their own stands at the Market. I talk to the folks running the stand and 9 times out of 10 it’s the farmers themselves, and I ask them how they grow their produce.  After a while you get to know who grows the foods the way you like. Honestly there are three or four folks who sell Honey at our local market, and I only buy from one, I like how he handles his bees, and he is not just stripping the honey from them he is caring for them. In my mind that makes a difference.

There are still certain things you cannot get at the Farmers Market that are common staples in many households.  Cereals for the kids are one of my biggies, it is rare to find any at the market, and sorry my boys are still young and want certain kinds of breakfast cereals. Almost all the major brand names contain GMOs. Corn is the most common GM food, and Cereals are big in Corn, Corn Flakes, Special K, Cinnamon toast crunch, etc… You will be hard pressed to find any of them labeling their products as “Contains GMO’s” if they did that no one would buy them.

So how can you use the Grocery Store safely? Well there is an application for smart phones both Android, and iPhone, called “Fooducate” and there is a setting that allows you to identify GM products. It’s also great for gluten free, and Vegan, vegetarian as well. It’s a simple app to use, you just scan the bar code, and it reads out what is in the products. It’s user maintained, and very easy to use. You can check their website out at explains their grading system, and how they come by their information.   Honestly it’s a very well thought out application. I believe on both iPhone and Android the app is free.

One of the great things about it is that if you scan an item and it’s not in their database, it gives you the option to send 3 photos, one of the packaging, another of the Nutrition Facts panel, and one of the Ingredients. This information is then reviewed and graded by their system, and then added to their database.

I also like that I can say I don’t want any products with <Select Ingredient> (Ex. Aspartame) in the ingredients and it excludes these items.  And if you find the product you want is not in the criteria of your eating habits, it gives you suggestions as to what else to try that meets your criteria. I found that this is an invaluable tool in the Grocery Store, it helps me to find the products that fit my needs and my eating habits, and it is always with me on my phone. You do not have to agree with the system of grading, or some other aspect of this tool to use it to identify good and not so good food products.

So with this one piece of technology, you can modify your eating habits, and know what is in your foods. Please, if you get the chance, and you are serious about knowing what is in your food, check this application out, and help build it into the tool that can help you eat safer and healthier.

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OK, so I have been on the path of eating better, and cutting back on my meat intake. I spend my time at the Farmers Market looking for locally grown produce, and I have a nice garden growing in my back yard. I have even managed to toss in some productive exercise, and have a chance to play once in a while as well. I have really been making an effort to eat better, and smarter, so why is it that the United States Federal Government believes that it is OK for us to eat foods that have the pesticides genetically grown into them. I spend a lot of my time at the market and the grocery store making sure that the foods I get are grown organically, and do not have the pesticides on them that I do not want.

But the food and drug administration believes that it is OK to put food on the shelves of America that have been genetically modified, and then make it legal for the corporations producing this stuff to NOT have to tell us about the GMOs, by not labeling it. If you know anything about this blight of GMO foods, you know that independent studies have shown that these foods cause mutations and defects in human reproduction, as well as destroys the digestive system

With that article above, you can see that its clear as crystal what these GMOs do to the animals they are studied on. We are after all just animals with a bigger brain, and a deeper spiritual connection.  How is it possible that the U.S. Federal Government can ignore these studies, and intentionally push this killer food into the system? I can only speculate that someone is making a ton of money, like Monsanto the largest producer of GMO seeds in the world.    If you look into this company you can see that on NYSE, MON is big    They are not a small food company by any means. 

In that respect, lets look at why some of the richest men in the world own stock in this company. mogal Bill Gates owns quite a large amount of stock in this innocuous company. And Bill is only trying to feed all the starving people of the world right. Technically Bill could pay each person in the world 100 dollars a month for 10 years, and still be a Millionaire, If he did that most people could supplement their income and feed themselves.  And in third world countries, they could eat like kings and feed whole families on 100 bucks a month. I mean look which the Christian Children’s Fund can do with only 30 cents a day. they changed their name to a more Politically Correct name Child Fund International. Have to take religion and spirituality out of life now.

But Bill thought it was better to invest his money into Monsanto, and create Franken-Foods that will kill off millions of people through disorders and birth defects. Does this sound like a man doing good things for the planet and humanity.  For that matter, what benefit was this GMO stuff supposed to give us anyways? Grow the pesticides in the food ? That just sounds like a bad idea, I mean say that out loud and see if it doesn’t sound nuts coming out of your mouth. I know when I say it I feel like a mad scientist.  Speaking of Mad Scientists, you have to be a scientist to create anything that is Genetically Modified, you and I are not whipping up a new kind of Corn in the kitchen that can kill bugs when they eat it but not humans …. Well that’s what growing the pesticides in the food is supposed to do.  So Monsanto has these scientists making these Franken-Foods, and they won’t even eat it in their cafeterias  So the Wacked out Mad Scientists who invented this growing trash will not even touch the stuff themselves. They know something don’t they. 

So let us look at this from a different point of view, how about from the critters that are supposed to get croaked by the pesticides in the crops anyways. Well does the stuff actually work? Yep, it sure does, well maybe a bit too good. Its killing the Bees that pollinate the food so that it grows too. mean if you have ever grown any vegetables in a garden before you have to know that bees are an essential part of the process for you foods to grow. So not only is this stuff bad for you but its also destroying the environment, killing off a section of the food chain that is critical to the production of food for humans.

So there are a few other problems with GMO foods. Since the Genetic material in these foods is patented, if a farmer grows it without paying Monsanto for the seeds, like carrying the seeds from last year’s crop over to this year, they are getting sued. than that a farm that is next door to a field of GMO crops can get cross pollinated by the GMO field, and get sued for it as well. The small farmer is being beat down by the Giant Corporation.

The U.S. Federal Government has even enacted what many are calling the Monsanto Protection Act. Basically this act states that Monsanto is not liable for any disease, Birth Defects or genetic damages that might be discovered in the future that their products may have been found to cause. think the fact that this Act even had to be considered means that there are many in the know in our government that have information about the Dangers of GMO. 

What about other countries, what are they doing about GMOs, this isn’t just for the United States, I mean our big buddy Bill Gates is trying to feed the who world, right? So what about these third world countries? Even countries that are in the middle of a famine are rejecting GMOs has to be wrong, but its not, a starving country not taking in a product that could feed them really. Ok so maybe they are just an under educated locale, and not really a smart country ….well not so.  -- France Hungary China


Ok so, it looks to me like something big is going on here these countries are not stupid under educated places. So what’s the deal in America, are we just too stupid to see the problem? Are we not Smart like these other countries, or are we all on the take and getting rich from promoting this dangerous food to the world. don’t remember getting a check, and I sure don’t see my taxes getting any lower. With all this evidence about what is going on with GMO, no one can say “Hey I didn’t know”  you have to stand against this. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. And this is absolutely not something to fall for. Do not Eat GMOs. Find ways to know what is actually in your food.



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I have been exercising in preparation for a Sprint Triathlon that I am going to run in August, and the Corporate Challenge that will be held in June.  I am running each day at work on lunch, and I have been doing calisthenics for strength training. I found that I am way more out of shape than I thought that I was, I once ran 10 miles in the morning before most people were out of bed. Now just running about a mile and a half is killing me. But I have found that the more that I run the further I get and the less out of breath I am. Its hard to get back to where you were so if you are exercising now don’t ever give it up.

My route is getting longer and I am running hills in it, so it was probably not the right path to start to get back in shape with. I am just kinda hard headed about these kind of things. In my exercise path I am using body weight to add strength as well. I found a great book on amazon called, The Comprehensive Manual of Body Weight Exercises. Fitness Training you can do anywhere from beginner to advanced. by Stephen Robinson and Sonia Marta. It has excellent information on exercises and muscle groups that are impacted by the exercises, along with simple tools to make the practice of these exercises possible cheaply or for free.

I also am outside more and more as much as possible, I work on gardens outside my house, and I take my boys to Soccer practice. I find that just working the gardens can be complete exercise in itself. Just so you know my starting point, I am 42 years old have not exercised consistently in roughly twenty years, I would say I am roughly Thirty to Forty pounds overweight, and up until the last year or so I was eating the fast food crap of the western world.

This last year I have decided that I will make it my study to eat as well as I can and begin to exercise regularly. Along with these struggles I also plan on elevating my mental capacity in memory, and general calculation. These are very tough tasks that I have set for myself, especially in the modern world, most people are glued to televisions or on demand videos on their phones or tablets, and only generally understand specific studies now, as they use the great Google mind to house the knowledge that once was housed in a person’s mind. 

My goals of exercise are linked to the understanding that mind and body are generally linked, and so I feel that the enhancement of both is integrally linked. You cannot exercise properly while eating McDonalds, just ask Ryan Lochte when he swam for America in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Honestly I have to say that staying on the path to exercising daily is hard, I have a life that does not revolve around my need to exercise.  When I fall from the trail of taking care of myself I stand back up and exercise again. I think that this is the one thing that most who embark on this road stumble on. When you stop exercising, and you notice it, you must make a determined step to get back on the right track. The same goes for eating better, you will always cheat a little, but with a strong will, you can recover from the cheats.  I try very hard to stay away from fast food, but when its crunch time, and you have no time to prepare food, McDonalds or Burger King are often the only places available to meet the time crunch. You can say well I just won’t eat, but with children you cannot do that.

Exercise is like that too. Its hard to work out at peak capacity while having to chase the kids around, though that in itself is a serious work out.  I try to include them in my exercise, I take them to the  Y when I go to swim. I go to the park with them and play soccer with them, including them in the exercise routine is helping to show them that they need to be fit and exercise. Also it tires them out so they go to bed easier at night J

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I have for the past month or so been researching how to improve or enhance my memory. In my studies I have found that there are a few specific areas that you can work with. One is retention of information, and another that goes hand in glove with this is retrieval of information. Along with being able to quickly visualize the information for storage and retrieval in your mind. I wanted to improve my capacity to gather, store and retrieve information from my own mind. I have found that it looks like each person has their own level of these abilities, though you can follow the same method to improve these mental skills.

I have been reading a book by David Roth that was written back in 1918 called Roth Memory Course: A Simple and Scientific Method of Improving the Memory and Increasing Mental Power. I am not reviewing the book here though I will say that the phasing and some of the vocabulary is a bit out of date, but the methods and concepts are just as valid as they were when the course was composed. Like all muscles in your body the mind needs exercise, not just games or theory, but actual exercise in storage, retrieval and observation or visualization. This book available as a kindle download for 2.99 is a great resource for developing these exercises.

I tend to prefer hard bound books, but for quick reference, I like to put them on my kindle app on my cell phone and read them whenever I get the chance. I have also been working on the web site and found it to be useful in developing the visualizing / observation element needed for memory enhancement. If you use the free service it’s not bad, I suspect that the paid for service is much better, but with limited funds, the free service is good enough.

As I am not a great proponent of abusing technology, cell phones, tablets, computers, etc… I do have to say that for the Android, there are some very good apps the can help develop the skills needed to improve memory, and help enhance your mind. I am not talking about planning software, or scheduling apps, I am speaking more specifically to the apps that have games or exercises to improve memory, or mental faculty. There are many, and some are much better than others. My personal favorite at the moment is Mind Games  by mindware consulting, inc an app for the Android on the google play store. The exercises are well designed and relevant to the processes of improving mental ability.

Another application that I use is called Brain Training by QQ Tsubasa also available from the google play store for Android. The battery of exercises, provided by this app are simple, and quick to run through, giving you a quick status of where you are at for the day. I believe that this is the app the hooked me into  I use this app to judge where I stand mentally at that moment. I like to run the tests when I am occupied by a meeting at work, it allows me to judge if I am able to multitask or not.

The thing to do with mind development is to keep working on it. It’s a never ending process. You need to try different exercises, everyone is different, and some exercises will work better for you over others.  Again just keep working at the different exercises and you will find that your mind performs better and your skills of retrieval and storage of information will increase as well. I have to say that I have applied the exercises in the Roth Course and I have been able to recall lists of information and use them as needed. 




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Aspects of a spiritual human. 

Over the Easter holiday I found myself looking to the spiritual side of life. I reread the story of Passover and looked at the fact of religion in the Human experience. I really am having a hard time believing in organized religion. I look at the fact that we are all just humans, and no one of us is any more spiritually advanced than another. I am looking at the spirit as the untouchable, unbreakable element that makes us alive or sentient. It is a matter of belief, but it does not revolve around the belief in what another human has explained to us, more of an understanding of what I have experienced.  In that respect I do have a belief, I believe that as creatures, there is a component to our sentience that is not physical, and is not capable of being damaged by physical means.

It is distinctly separate from our physical bodies, yet tied to it critically. That is the way I look at the Spirit of a Human, I have read many books, and looked into the mystery schools of the ancients, examined the beliefs of many religions, even the new age movement, and what I have found is that Spiritually the human race is in its infancy. I am by no means a great thinker or a devoutly religious person, but I do believe in helping others, and by acts of goodness, we are capable of helping the world and the beings in it. What does this have to do with the natural human project? Well as humans we do have a spirit, think of the Human body as a great machine that houses a piece of the spirit, or allows us to interface with the physical world, without that spiritual connection, the human body is an uninhabited machine, and by natural law, without the spirit the body cannot live.

I am not saying that you should join a cult or follow a specific organized religion, or even believe in something that you cannot see, hear, touch or smell. What I am saying is that you need to take a deeper look at what makes you alive, and what makes you Human. It is not this body that houses us, it has to do more with the spirit that animates the body you are in. Once you begin to look at the spirit of Humans, you will find that there is more to us than just the strength of our bodies or the speed of our minds. There are ways to strengthen your spirit just like there are ways to strengthen your body or mind. A lot of us do them already without even knowing it.

Yoga is a good start. You do not have to believe in the religious elements of the activities, but you should realize that many of the physical / spiritual elements of yoga are known in many of the early religions. Chakras or the Chi centers are what people commonly refer to in respects to the physical, mental and Spiritual elements of Humanity. This concept, points of energy or pools of energy in the human body, to me, are like the engine mounts of a car that hold the engine to the frame. In this case they are holding the spirit to the body. We can strengthen these mounts / connections through specific activities and exercises.

Why would you want to strengthen these spiritual aspects of yourself? Well, this is one of the things that make you Human. The understanding, that you are part of something bigger than this physical world. I did not use the work belief I used understanding, and the reason I choose that word is because belief is blind whereas understanding is the intellectual grasping of a concept.  That is what is important in a human, that you think for yourself, and make decisions for yourself. Laws are only an expression of a group of peoples thoughts and should not override your own individual thoughts, only you know what is right for you regardless of what a group thinks. That is the difference between understanding and group belief.


In closing I would like to state that your beliefs are not what strengthen your spirituality. They can help develop them, but your thoughtful insight into the belief is what allows you to grow these connection to the unseen spiritual world that exists in a untouchable realm. You can say that organized religion is a farce or you can say there is no truth except through ….{ Insert Spiritual Name of leader. } It is your individual consideration of the actions and words of these mythical or real beliefs that allow you to grow as a human being. And Growth or Evolution of the human being in all aspects (Physically, Nutritionally, Mentally, and Spiritually) is what this web site is all about.

Thank you for reading this comments are welcome.




OK we all live in the modern technology world, and the fact is that the expectation of privacy is pretty low these days, but you are pretty sure you can find someplace that is not being recorded, or watched. So that you can feel that minor sense of freedom that really doesn't exist anymore. But it’s a psychological phenomenon that people have, and it can cause mental issues if you don’t have a space that you feel safe in. Well Google is getting ready to get rid of even that small sense of freedom and peace of mind that you once had. Google Glass is a project where eyewear will record all that a person sees, and does, and stores it on the cloud. Right now the glasses are pretty obvious, but over time that will change, and these glasses will be completely unobtrusive. That safe place will no longer exist, as these glasses will not allow you to know you are being recorded.  On top of that they will project other information over what you are seeing through them, like people’s names as they walk past you, or if they wanted to criminal record information.  These are not hypothetical bits of information, this is real it’s called Augmented reality, and there are apps out for smart phones that can do similar things.  This technology was used during the war in Iraq to identify potential insurgents entering an area.  This is the first step to changing a person’s perception of reality, and one of the things I am against with this web site. I am of the belief that the human mind is thousands of times more powerful than Google, and that by using these technologies, we hampering the expansion of people’s mental powers by giving them a short cut to these mental capabilities. Again I believe that the human mind can be trained to do everything that the Google Glass is capable of and more, but the quick path that they offer will take the potential away from humans. As we begin to use this technology, people will no longer look to expanding their own mental capacity, why should they? They have the power of Google at their fingertips / eyeballs. But along with that power come’s a terrible Trojan horse that tramples on the freedoms of the citizens of America, and the world.  Please read the article and look at the web site . This is a very seminal part of humanity. Freedom is a Human right, and for the future natural growth of humanity, we must decide which path to follow that will allow humans to evolve without the crutch of technology replacing human power.



    So one of the things that I had to learn to do was track the food that I eat. This was harder than I thought at first. For a while I was writing it down in a note book. I did that for about 2 weeks, then I wanted to analyze all that information. That proved more time consuming than entering the food into my food journal. Thankfully there is a web site that you can do this at and they have apps for android phones and iPhones.  Its a pretty well developed site, and with the phone apps I was able to use the camera to scan the bar codes on the food I was eating to enter it directly into the system.

    The more you use it the easier it is to track your nutrition intake. The apps and the site actually breaks down your entered foods into Vitamin and minerals as well as carbohydrates and fats etc ... Its helped me work on my nutritional information of what I was eating. If you get a chance to look at the site, its pretty neat. And for sure try the Apps on your phone, since we never go far from our phones, I find that its easier to use and stay using it this way. Alot of it is geared towards Counting Calories, but its nutritional information was way more useful to me.

    This is one of the things that I feel that todays tech is actually useful for. Give it a try and let me know what you think of it. I will post the link in the Links page.

The Idea and summary of this web site.
I wanted to have a place where we could hold all the information we can collect, on healthy living. I have found that our technological world is making mankind fat and stupid. I believe that what we are putting into our bodies from ALL of our senses is directly impacting the natural evolution of the human species. This coming from a very old computer geek is something.
I grew up in the age of the personal computer. I did not excel at sports so I delved into technology; I neglected my body and studied the information world. When I turned 19 I joined the Military, it was here that I learned that I had neglected my body and needed to fix that. I spent a lot of time working out, but did not change my eating habits. I had given up soda of all kinds at 25 I never looked back, and I thought that this was enough. Now I know better. I am now 42 and I am beginning the changes of my eating habits that I wish I had done when I was much younger.
This, though is not the only reason I am beginning this web site. I am finding news articles and discussions on the radio about humans being able to augment the human body with technology. Things like cellular phones built right into a tooth that allows direct connection to the ear canal so you can hear it. Tattoo’s that have RFID technology built into them so that they can be swiped for entry into buildings. And the Medical alteration of the Human body has been public for over fifty years, and the negative side effects of just the cosmetic augmentation of the human body through plastic surgery is apparent in one human in particular, Michael Jackson. But there are military augmentations that are being studied that increase human strength and endurance at the expense of the quality of life, someday even this will be offered to the Public. And the one the scares me the most is mental augmentation, there are studies going on now that link the brains of rats to computers, and the behavioral studies along the same lines are terrifying.
So my proposal is, this web site house the information that can counter these modern aspects of modifying the human body, by naturally modifying the Human body, through nutrition, exercise, and training of the mind. I believe we can surpass these invasive technological advancements through Natural means, and learn to work more homogenously with existing technology. Giving the Natural Human the ability to advance alongside the unnatural human progression, and hopefully surpass them.
If this interests you or you have some input then please join the site, and put your two cents in as you please.
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